Life Changing CDC is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization focusing on helping Texans when they need a hand up in life. Our goal is to be there when a need arises in our community. We host a variety of events each year to help build our rainy day fund.

Our events are packed full of fun for the entire family. If you have the need to raise money for someone in need please contact us and we will help you in the time of need by hosting an event with you or by simply making a contribution to your specific need.

Angelia Dunbar, Founder

Angelia Scott-Dunbar was born and raised in the great state of Arkansas where her father was a heavy influence on her life. With her entrepreneurial spirit, Angelia entered into the real estate industry full time and never looked back in 2004. Because of her success as a realtor, she had to start her own mortgage company “Serenity Mortgage,” at the request of her clients in 2005. Angelia was able to build on her family’s background in the housing market and created her very successful company, “Dezmond Homes.”

Angelia’s real estate experience is in both residential and commercial real estate with her expertise in the areas of mortgage financing/qualifying, buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, property management and builder. Angelia’s concentration was focused on the market of churches and investors. With ability and tenacity, Angelia has become a multimillion-dollar producer in every aspect and company she has been associated.

Angelia is the mother of two wonderful children Dezmond and Abrielle. She is also the survivor of many traumatic events such as breast cancer, domestic abuse, kidnapping, and other life challenges. In all, her will was strong enough to take her from victim to victor and inspire the vision in which she now pursues with the same vigor as her real estate ventures. She founded the nonprofit company, Life Changing Community Development Corporation. A program founded to provide assistance such as housing, food, medical and job skills to the less fortunate, homeless, seniors, veterans, low income, and single parents. Awareness to overcome domestic violence and cancer, by choosing to live and educate all family and friends involved.

One of Angelia’s crowning achievements was to become an author of her first literary release, “Slaying with Broken Pieces.” Her released title is in anticipation for her theme speaking tour “#mystoryourjourney,” revealing how Angelia overcame domestic violence, attempted murder, kidnapping, ousted from a real estate company that she was part owner, and chose to live and build with what was in her control, Angelia’s Industries Inc.

One of my greatest desires is to live a life of legacy. My investment in the youth of today and into my own children exhibits my belief that if you grow their mindset, the return will grow their assets. There are a million and one stories that have been told throughout history and many more yet to be told, but no one could tell this story for me. Ms. Angelia Scott-Dunbar is a force in the market of real estate but a great woman of character in the society at large.


Life is filled with obstacles and some of those obstacles get the best of us sometimes. Our goal is to be a helping hand to those that are faced with insurmountable challenges.

  • Homeless

  • Unemployment

  • Education

  • Drug Addiction

  • Domestic Violence

Let us be someone that you can count on. We focus on empowering, enriching and enhancing lives in our community.

One of my greatest desires is to live a life of legacy. My investment in the youth of today and into my own children exhibits my belief that if you grow their mindset, the return will grow their assets.

Angelia Dunbar • Founder


We pray, uplift, feed, and build meaningful relationship with the people in the homeless community.


We realize the importanance of having someone that you can talk to and that will help you to figure things out.


We help to build our coummunities by doing different events that our focused on building our communities in a positive way.


We make a major effort on providing different programs for families that will aid in building the family.

Help Make A Difference Today…

We strongly believe in helping and giving to others, whether it’s with our time, donating money or giving our positive energy.  It doesn’t matter if you have a lot to give or a little, it’s the heart that matters! Be encouraged today to make a difference in someone’s life! You never know how a small act of kindness can change someone’s life.